August 23, 2020.

Covid-19 Precautions at Dhammabhanu

In order to ensure the safety of the course in the corona virus, we have been meeting every Sunday since the end of May to discuss the resumption of the course using the web conferencing tool, and to provide feedback on the two trial group meditations in DhanmaBanu since July 2020, we received 130 constructive comments. Based on this feedback, we continue to make further improvements, and while we are still searching for ways to improve, on August 15 2020, we tried a trial 1-day course and have reached the point where we are smoothly completing the course in the midst of extremely hot weather, while taking measures to prevent corona infection and heat stroke. We plan to continue with a few more one-day meditation sessions on trial and continue to make improvements.

Here are some of our initiatives at this stage.

Conditions for participation in a trial 1-day course:

(1) Trustees and committees and other old students around the west area in Japan.

Your location must be west of the central part of the country and be under 60 years of age and have no underlying diseases. Those who can come to the center by car (sharing a ride is OK)

(2) Secure social distance

In the meditation hall, the maximum number of people will be 15 to 20 for the time being, and the seats will be arranged at a sufficient distance from each other.   
(* Previously, the maximum number of people in the meditation hall was 75.)

In the dinning hall, we placed chairs at tables facing the wall with a sufficient distance and assign them for orientation, lunch and breaks.
Post arrows on the floor in the aisles indicating the direction of travel and signs on the floor indicating the proper distance from the person in front of you.
In order to avoid congestion and confusion in the facility, a briefing material on the corona control measures to be taken on the day of the course and the flow of traffic according to the schedule should be sent out to participants by e-mail the day before the course.

(3) Summer: Physical condition and hygiene

If you have a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher on the morning of the course, either by taking your own temperature upon departure from your home or by a non-contact thermometer taken by a service member before entering the center facilities, you will not be allowed to participate.

(4) Wear a mask or mouth shield if people are around, including during meditation in the hall.

Proper hand washing instructions should be posted in the hand washing area and hand sanitizer should be available in the halls, dinning hall and kitchen entrances.
Do not use the share toilets but use the private toilets assigned to you at reception.
Disinfect the public areas before and after the course.
the students were asked for bring their own lunch and keep it in an air-conditioned room.
Provide cold drinks.
Take off the mask or use a heat-shield when there is no one around.

(5) Feedback from Participants

At the end of the trial course, there will be a feedback time for participants.
At the end of the trial course, a questionnaire was sent to all participants using the Google form to collect quantitative and qualitative responses to each item.

(6) Feedback and improvements at the course resumption review meeting

At the weekly review meeting for the resumption of the course, the items of the questionnaire collected during the trial course will be reviewed and prioritized with reference to the government's and Kyoto Prefecture's corona countermeasure guidelines in order to make improvements in the next and subsequent courses.