Dhamma Bhanu

Dhamma Bhanu

A ray of light of Dhamma

Dhamma Bhanu —a ray of light of Dhamma

The first Vipassana meditation centre established in Japan (1989), Dhamma Bhanu lies in the northwestern part of Kyoto prefecture, near to Mizuho town.

The centre is easily reached by public transport from Kyoto JR station (90min) which has rail and bus services to all major cities and airports.

Dhamma Bhanu is located in rural countryside, in a peaceful location surrounded by forest and farm land.

Courses are held at the centre throughout the year and are conducted in both English and Japanese with participants attending from all over Japan.

Dhamma Bhanu currently has the capacity to accommodate 65 students plus teachers and management and is administrated by the Japan Vipassana Association, a non-profit organization.

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Dhamma Bhanu
2-1 Iwakamioku - Hatta - Kyotanba-cho - Funai-gun - Kyoto 622-0324 - Japan
Tel:0771-86-0765 - Fax: 0771-86-0460 - Email: [email protected] , [email protected]